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Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime is a game where you control a 'Slime'. Rocket.

He must save his friends 'Boo Hooly, Bo Rocket and Swotsy' as well as the other 97 Slimanians.

You must defeat the Evil Plob consisting of many tailed creatures including: Platypunks, Cactiballs, Ghost Wizards and the 'Big Three'.

At the Second Map, 'Tootinschleiman's Tomb' you come across the Schleiman Tank; Hero of Slimania. It starts with 100 HP (Hitpoints) but can be upgraded once you save Slimechanic. At first you only have 4 possible upgrades each one extending Schleiman Tank's HP by 30 until later you unlock 14 possible upgrades.

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